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Our Bugaboo Donkey Has Arrived!!

July 29, 2015

Yes Yes SIR!!! It Finally came!!!!

It actually came a while ago but I was just lazy to organize all the pictures and create a post.


The moment Josh saw these boxes arrive… He didn’t want to eat his lunch.

He knew there was chips and junk food in there.


And there was 뻥튀기 in the boxes too for Andrea.

Therefore,,,, they both didn’t finish their lunch..!!



Can you see why they didnt eat?!?!?


This is how my mother in law sends packages to us… filled with Korean snacks!!!

Back to the Donkey!! It took me two hours to put this thing back together!

The in laws thought it would be safer to send it unscrewed and pulled apart.

So that the frame wouldn’t bend or get damaged… But it was so hard to put it back together!!!


Anyways, I did it and we’re using this honkin machine like its a whole new world!!!!

I love IT!!!!!! 정말 말이 필요 없음!! 내가 왜 이제서야 이걸 사서

그동안 그 개고생을 했는지 정말!! 아 너무 좋아욤!!!!

동키를 끌고 앞동네 언니네 집에도 편하게 놀러가고~

Andrea had so much fun that day~




Josh … um… must have been really tired.. he fell asleep like this on the sofa.

IMG_0538.JPG   IMG_0606.JPG

And also with the Bugaboo Donkey! we now can go for short walks to Orchard without Josh having to hold his arms up!!!

정말 그동안 아들 너무 벌서게 한거 아닌가 싶고 너무너무 미안했다.

본인 자리가 있다고 이렇게 좋아하는데.. 힝… 미안했어.


그리고 친구네 집에가서 이렇게 재미나게 놀기도했공

IMG_0617 IMG_0612

이상한 포즈로 아이들은 배란다 밑을 구경하기도했다.

We had a crazy week with so many things happening but it all passed and now we’re doing fine~


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