Seoul, South Korea

Our life has changed again

November 24, 2016

Ever since we arrived in Korea it’s been pretty cold. The weather is changing every day, and we are changing every day with it. At first it was really hard for the kids to adjust to the weather. They kept getting sore throats, they would get nose bleeds from the dry and low humid weather conditions. Josh has been asking when he will be going back to school and when we will be going back home (to our Singapore house) since day 1 and Andrea… well… let’s just say she’s just been eating everything and anything she can find.

It’s been hard settling down at the in-laws because it’s not our house or our “play area” as Josh states it. All of our stuff is in a container somewhere and is probably (and hopefully) on the way here. Once everything gets here, I have no idea where we’re going to put everything because a small room with two closets and a bookshelf is all the space that we have to organize everything. We have 28 boxes of stuff to put somewhere but have no idea where.

Josh’s hair has been growing out pretty fast and so I took him to our friends mom who has been running a hair salon on the same spot for more than 30 years. More like more than 40 years. Josh’s first visit to the hair salon!! It was such a surprise. He didn’t cry and throw a tantrum like he would when I trim his hair. Even though the hair trimming buzzer was louder than ours, he was such a good sport and smiled throughout the whole time.


Afterwards, he said he wanted a picture taken to show daddy. So we took one on the side of the road. This picture shows how brave he was and how proud he is of himself but it also shows how CRAZY Korean streets are.


Trucks, cars, motor bikes and pedestrians sharing the same narrow road. Uh, Korea. So not safe!

Andrea, this EATING monster has been having the best appetite EVER. She is constantly eating something and is always wanting more. I first thought that maybe she isn’t getting enough emotionally and maybe taking it out on eating??? But the pediatrician we are seeing says she’s just eating cause she’s in the “growing stage”. Meaning she’s just feeding herself cause she knows she’s growing. It was a relief to hear that but she’s literally EATING ALL THE TIME!!!!


Even when we went to see Dannah at her house. She ate so much (the above image).

The kids are doing fine and I’m doing well too. I guess it’s just Kaden that has to get here and as a family, we’ll be able to adjust and get used to KOREA better.


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