Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

Our Saturday

November 28, 2015

A typical day.

Saturday isn’t special to us anymore.

IMG_5975 IMG_5979

A day starts with Andrea opening my wallet.

(Hubby, I need a new wallet.)

IMG_5986 IMG_5990

Josh zoning out in front of the TV.


Then Josh picking up after Andrea.

IMG_5994 IMG_5997

They seemed really bored, so we decided to cut up some paper and play “SNOW”.

IMG_5998 IMG_6000 IMG_6004

Josh was watching something on TV and there were snowmen and snow fits.

He said he wanted to play with snow.

Where in the world can you find snow in Singapore????

So lets play with paper instead!!


We had so much fun!!

Then I tried to put Andrea’s hair in one ponytail. BUT… didn’t really work out.

IMG_6031 IMG_6033 IMG_6034

The three of us was a little bored at home but it wasn’t too boring.

DH came and brought us desserts and had dinner with us.

Then we all went to bed early.


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