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Our Thursday

August 4, 2016


Our mornings are pretty busy. I wake up at 6:30am to pack Kaden’s lunch. The kids get up around then most of the time too. Today was no different than any other day. We all got up. Kaden went to work. The kids and I had breakfast. Then Josh went to kindergarten. Andrea and I came home. I cleaned the house (I can usually clean and do the laundry within half an hour). Andrea and I played with some crayons and drew pictures (more like doodles). Then we took a shower. I cleaned the blankets (with our Dyson) and sheets, then placed them back onto the mattresses.


Cleaned the living room playmat and ALL of the little bunny rabbits that we have.. I think we have about 5? 6?


Then sat down with Andrea and we went through the Pororo book with the Pororo magic pen (it reads to you when you place it on certain things of the book that comes with it. Its great for toddlers).


Then we went to pick up Josh. Got on the bus to Tanglin Mall. Ate our lunch at PAUL. Took the bus back home. Then had a quick snack and played more.


I filled the pool up to its max and the kids loooved it!








While the kids played, I put the laundry into the washing machine. While the machine was running, I read a book. Once the cycle was done, I put the laundry out on the balcony.



I cannot believe I might not be washing and ironing this uniform next year… we might go back to Korea at the end of the year.. may not. We don’t know yet but I feel like I’m very attached to this “first” uniform of Josh’s.



After about 1.5 hrs of playing, the kids came in and had their dinner… AT 5:15pm!!!! Then they both went to bed at 6:20PM!!!!! Amazing!!!!! Although they both took turns waking up at around 8:30pm and 10pm, they are both sound asleep right now!!! YAY!!!!

That was our day today! Hope you all have a good THURSDAY NIGHT!!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!


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