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Our Typical Morning

April 19, 2017

Last night before bed. Josh and Andrea decided to take out all of the Disney Junior characters that we have (Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is all we have) and play “steal the castle”. At first, I thought this game was some kind of a “stealing each other’s castle” kind of game but Josh said it was just a game where they each build a castle and their characters just knock it down. Simple, but they both have tremendous amount of fun playing this game.

Andrea seems to understand the concept of the game really well and followed along better than I did.

After a really long night for mommy (who literally couldn’t sleep because of back pain and the feeling of ribs breaking), Josh got up first. Like usual. Josh was the first one to get up. He always wakes up first. No matter what time he sleeps, he gets up at 6 am or 6:30 am.

Josh got ready and was off to kindergarten.

Josh and his morning “see ya later”. The traditional “bowing” that all Korean kids do to their elders or parents.

This morning, looking at Josh going off to kindergarten, I thought to myself, we live in a country that puts manners and traditions first, before anything. And yet this country is putting their backs against these traditions and ethics by not keeping their manners in public areas and disrespecting elders. Why do they have a “PINK SEAT” for pregnant women on the subway if no one gives that seat to a pregnant woman? People still hit my shoulder as they pass by on the street. Giving way to other cars on the road is still a “not gonna happen” kind of thing. No one holds the door for the next person passing by and all this country seems to like to do is knock down someone through the fast acting media. Our children can’t go out and play like we used to. Every child entering elementary school goes to at least two or three different after school academies and it seems like the government doesn’t really have a plan to get this air cleaned up.

This was my 5 second brain scroll this morning while Josh said bye to me.

Then there’s Andrea.

This is her before and after, in the mornings.

Pretty drastic right? She wanted a teddy bear doll. She said that while watching “Goldie and Bear” on the Disney Junior channel she though the BEAR was so cute that she wanted one. Go figure. She’s been WANTING everything she seems on TV lately.

Then right before going to preschool, she helped grandma with the laundry.

Our typical morning. My usual brain blabbering and my little Andrea.

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