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Parenting going wild

July 26, 2017

Josh asked me the other day if he could play in the closet that we put all of our blankets in. I said he could only play when I was watching him and only for 15 minutes. He eventually came out after about 5 minutes but to him, it seemed like it was the best 5 minutes of play time during that whole day.

Sometimes Josh and Andrea come to me when I’m putting our blankets into the closet and ask if they can climb in. I would let them play for a bit and then put the blankets in (we sleep on the floor). When they play, it’s like the closet turns into some magic place for them. A small tent like area that turns into a mini playground. Is it just me or do everyone’s kids do this?

I don’t remember when I was a kid and playing in the closet but I feel like my kids just love this area so much.

And do all little kids fight 90% of the time they play together??

I feel like the two of them playing together is like 90% fighting and 10% playing nicely together.

If one plays with something the other has to take it away. Then one has to cry and then Tyler wakes up and cries. It’s like a war zone every single day. Since it’s summer vacation for Korean kindergartens and daycares for this week and next week. I feel like it’s going to be a very LONG two weeks.

And do all kids role play with ALL TOYS? I mean like every single toy??

They seem to bring life into every single toy and role play with EVERYTHING. Play time is so loud and there’s so much talking it drives me nuts!!! I know kids should be kids and play all they want and do whatever they want without any limits but it’s driving me nuts! Does this not happen to everyone? Is it just me and my kids that this is happening to?

I feel like parenting and spending time with the kids has been going down the drain for me. I’ve been trying to keep my mentality and try to make sure I stay on top of things but it’s really not working out. If the kids start to fight, I find myself yelling every three minutes. I try and read all the parenting books and articles to make sure I don’t do anything stupid and make sure my children get as much as they need and want. But lately, I’ve been feeling like I’M A BAD MOTHER. I know I know, there are tons of images and sayings on Facebook and Instagram about how there is no such thing as a bad mother. I know I know, I’ve read every single post and image and sayings and bullets.

But really, in this reality of three kids, am I the only one who feels like my life is going down the drain along with my parenting?!?


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