Da Nang, Vietnam

Planning a trip to Da Nang Vietnam

November 6, 2017

So……………………. Yah……………………


Kaden and I are planning a trip to Da Nang Vietnam. We’ll be going for 3days and 4 nights at the end of this year. I didn’t want to spend new years away from the kids. I also didn’t want to spend Christmas away from the kids too so we decided to go in between.

If you’re guessing it, you’re right, I’m going without the kids.

Well, okay, I wanted to go without them but we’re taking Tyler. Josh and Andrea are going to spend time at my mother’s place. My mother in law will be getting a break from the kids too this way.

So, Kaden and I booked our flights, booked the hotel and now we’re just browsing sites and blogs to see what kind of things we want to do when we get there.

Da Nang
City in Vietnam

Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. It’s a popular base for visiting the inland Bà Nà hills to the west of the city. Here the hillside Hải Vân Pass has views of Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains. These 5 limestone outcrops are topped with pagodas and hide caves containing Buddhist shrines.
Area: 1,285 km²
Weather: 26°C, Wind N at 6 m/s, 83% Humidity
Local time: Monday 8:48 AM
Population: 1.347 million (2016)

+ Reference from Google.com

We decided to stay at http://fusionsuitesdanangbeach.com/

We chose the CHIC SUITE because it’s just the three of us and we’re not planning on going all full out or anything, so we felt that this studio suite will do.

We’re not planning on staying for a long time, just a few days so we only booked one hotel. If we were going for more than 4 days, I would’ve booked two different hotels in different locations. But this trip is to REST. Just go and enjoy, relax and rest for a bit so we decided to stay at this one.

Location wise we’re really satisfied, it’s near the beach and site seeing isn’t too far away. We don’t want to go too far to shop or tour so I think the location is pretty good.

We haven’t really decided on what exactly we want to do when we get there. I know I’ll be eating lots of cilantro and noodles for sure but other than that.. we’re still in the process of planning.

Now that we know when and where we’re going. I guess it’s time to start a specific plan on WHAT exactly we are going to do.

+ Images all from http://fusionsuitesdanangbeach.com/

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