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Quiet Time

February 16, 2016

Quiet time. That’s literally what I needed, the last couple of day..zzz!

Literally, I needed some peace and quiet.. But was not able to get ANY. NONE. ZERO.

The kids have been coughing, whining, crying, arguing, sneezing, coughing, puking, crying and then crying again..!!!

I almost when MAD yesterday. I found myself loosing it. Really loooooosing it.

It’s bad enough that their sick and that my mentality is slowly starting to lose it. I have to keep with all the medications too!


Are we ever going to be able to get rid of this medicine box?!?!? Are we ever going to put this all away!?!?!

Uh~ Thank God they’re getting better, cause if I have to go the children’s clinic or ER one more time… I think I’m going to faint!

Oh yeah.. And then there’s the rice bags.

So the other day I found out that if I order rice from a Korean online market, it’s cheaper.

I pay $49 SGD for 23 KGs of rice. But if I buy the 2.5 KGs packs at Cold Storage or Fair Price, it’s like $12 SGD for 2.5 KGs.

But stupid me, though that our rice container held 20 KGs of rice when it was only 10 KGs…!

HAHAHA! -_-;; So I had to put the rest of the remaining rice into these GLAD bags.


Once the kids all fell asleep for their naps, I sat down with a mango from Little Farms.


Can’t believe how sweet and juicy this mango is! I also can’t believe how nicely I cut it! hahaha

My mom always said that having fruit presenting in a pretty way makes the fruit taste better. For me, I prefer easy eating, rather than pretty presentation. If I have to hold it up and bite into it or if I have to clean my hands after eating it… DOOF~ No thanks. I’d rather cut it up like this and eat with a fork. Then clean up the fork and dish.

IMG_0924 IMG_0927

Aren’t they angels when they sleep?

Peace and quiet~ in the house~

Our tiny little house.


Andrea woke up twice, while I was writing this posting but she went back to sleep so… I guess I’ll go and take a nap too.

Such random blah blah talking today but that just shows how tired I am!

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!


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