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August 29, 2015

One morning Josh wanted grilled cheese.

So ~~~ we made some and had “triangle bread”.


Andrea didn’t really like it tho…. hahahahahaha -_-;; 그냥 좀 먹어주지 말이다.


And because she didn’t like it. The floor got most of it.


For snack time, Josh wanted donuts.


At dinner time, Andrea got a special meal. 김밥!!!

P1530566 P1530567 P1530568 P1530570 P1530571 P1530573

She literally went crazy for them.

Yesterday, we started the day off really peacefully….

P1530584 P1530588

And then the unexpected happened.

Josh got a double nose bleed. The skin around his eyes started to go purple. His face very pale. So we took to see the doctor.

The doctor said it was just a vessel that was weak. That children get nose bleeds very often. I just have to watch him more carefully and make sure he doesn’t pick his nose.

But still…. I was scared out of my mind.

Who wouldn’t be?

If your child started to go pale and cry like crazy….. with a double nose bleed that was like the cartoons.

It was like we had turned on the faucet.  Only it wasn’t water but blood!!!!

The doc said to just take it easy for a couple of days and that he should be fine.

So we’re taking it easy for a while.

Today, we met up with some friends for lunch.

P1530592 P1530597 P1530606Four ladies and 6 kids… hahahahahaha we are so out-numbered.


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