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Runny Nose | 콧물쟁이들

June 23, 2016

아침부터 누런 콧물들 쏟아 부어주시는 #캐코남매



얜 또 왜이래? 


Josh woke up this morning and had a stuffed nose.

Andrea woke up with yellow slime all over her face.


I guess its that time of year again, when they go through the whole ”cold and flu” thing. Hopefully it’s just a cold and not the flu.

(Crossing fingers).


They both had a pretty small breakfast. They really didn’t want to eat. So I gave both of them some juice.


Andrea tried ”Salt and Vinegar” chips for the first time.

She had about three(?) and then said she didn’t want any.

Then she fell asleep during lunch. I literally mean… LIKE WHILE EATing lunch

Josh on the other hand.


Josh my Josh my dear Josh. He had a bowl of rice, then he said he wanted some of my rameun. So I gave him some in his leftover soup. He slurped that thing down like a PRO!!!!

So proud!

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