Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

Saturday Morning

July 2, 2016


Both kids with a runny nose. Andrea seems to be feeling better than yesterday. Josh’s runny nose has gotten a bit worse than before but he seems to be better than Andrea.

They both have been taking Zyrtec and it does seem like they’re getting better but I’m not seeing a total difference. Nothing that’s like noticeably different.


I stepped on Micky Mouse this morning while trying to get breakfast on the table. OMG I ABSOLUTELY HATE!! and I mean HATE stepping on toys!!! I hate working in the kitchen to find LEGO blocks on the floor and I hate it even more when I step on them!!!!

Today, it was Mickey, sorry Mickey but you’re really starting to get on my nerves today.


Andrea won’t stop doing this. I don’t know why she does it but she keeps doing this. Maybe she wants to do some YOGA or something? Don’t know.


Josh is so into the Thomas and Friends (old ones) right now on Youtube. He has somehow managed to find the old episodes and has been enjoying them on his own the past hour.


Andrea seems to be interested in this too. I think the two of them are going to have a long “watch videos all day” kind of day today.

I’m not feeling well, Andrea and Josh both have a runny nose. Andrea seems to be better than yesterday but Josh seems a bit cranky today. Hopefully this will all go away tomorrow so that we can spend tomorrow at the Singapore Botanical Gardens!!!!

And hopefully round 2 of today (the second half of my day, after the kids nap) will be better than this. I’m so low on energy today for some reason. Uh. So tired!


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