Josh&Andrea&Tyler Seoul, South Korea

Saturday Outing At SamChungDong

April 2, 2017

The air is still pretty bad, but we just had to get out. The kids were going crazy and I was about to lose it too. So I asked my mother in law if she would come with us on an outing near Kaden’s work. I said, lets just go for a stroll, then have lunch somewhere nice and come straight home.

It started out pretty nice. The warm weather was nice. The SUN was nice. The kids were happy to be out too.

차렷!!!! is what I said, and this is what pose she made LOL so funny.

It started sunny but then it started to get a bit cloudy. We thought it was going to rain but it only got a bit cloudy and windy. Luckily for us, it didn’t rain.

The kids seemed like they were hungry so Kaden suggested a pita/hamburger place near his work so we went there.

What’s Pide is the place (read as whats pi dae).

The burgers come in pockets like this and the bread.. oh my gosh the bread is so GOOD!!!!!!!

We ordered a cheeseburger and a shrimp burger. For the kids, we ordered a fried shrimp plate and chicken fingers. There’s this white/pickle sauce that comes with the shrimp and chicken fingers that is so amazing!!!!

We also changed one of the fries to a cheese fries and that was just so yummy!!! I seriously thought about coming here every day and trying out a new burger every single day. Different burger for 20 days. Cause I think they have 20 different kinds (I don’t know for sure but that’s what it seemed like).

The kids enjoyed a good lunch too. Josh had lots to eat and drink. They both seemed to be really happy.

On the way home, they both fell asleep and so Kaden and I decided to drive around for a bit so that they would get their sleep for at least an hour.

When we got home, the kids both didn’t sleep (as expected) and both of them fell asleep around 8pm.


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