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October 4, 2015

In Canada, we had the Diaper Genie to throw away Andrea’s diapers. It kept the smell of diapers away from my sensitive nose.

In Singapore,,,, I couldn’t find a product in line with the Diaper Genie, cost wise… I mean, I wanted something that was in our budget.

However, I did find these bags at Cold storage.

This was one is the Naty. It comes with 50 bags and is about  SG$7 dollars range. (I got mine for SG$5 dollars range because it was on promotion at Cold Storage).




I found the bag to be a bit small but very durable and thin.


It doesn’t really have a scent or  smell to it but it did keep the odor of the diaper locked in.

The other brand is this Tidy Z Nappy Bags. Each box contains 200 bags and is in the SG$7 dollars range.




The bags are much thinner and seem to rip easily but since the bags do come as fragranced bags, the dirty diapers really don’t smell once in the bag.

However, my fav is still the Diaper Genie portable diaper bags. I still have a roll from Canada that I brought.



Strong and smelling like baby powder, I think my heart is still set on these. I thought about buying refills online and getting them shipped here, but I think I’m just going to go with the local ones for now.

Singapore also has the Munchkin brand diaper bags that is sold at places like First Few Years or Mothercare. However, I think I’m just going to stick with the ones I can find at a super market near my place so that I can grab em when I need em.


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