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[SG] Little Farms – River Valley Road Farmers Market

February 23, 2016


So lately I’ve been obsessed with little farms.

The little farmers market down the street on River Valley Road that is just filled with great FOOD. Literally, it’s my kind of place. The one I miss so much back home in Vancouver. I used to love going to the farmers market in Langley or the actual farm in Langley and hand picking the fresh fruit that was in season. My mom and I would go and pick out juicy white flesh peaches and just literally gulp them down, that day. With that in mind, I feel like this is the more MODERN, SOPHISTICATED and UPSCALE version of the one back home. Not saying I think the one back home is shabby or anything.

So cutting down to the chase. The place is great. If you just look at the photos below, you’ll know what I’m talking about. They have everything a farmers market has and they look good on top of it.

The PRICE however is not your typical farmers market. Compared to the other stores around this area like CS or FP the price is a bit higher. About 20 cents higher but I really don’t mind spending the extra for the quality of the products. They have a wider selection and every potato, every apple and every banana LOOKS hand picked. LOOKS like a farmer picked out the PRETTIEST, COLOURFUL and SWEET fruit just for you. So if you’re in the area, stop by and grab a basket full of fresh fruits and vegetables for your plate!


Can you tell the place is just so cute and clean and an eye catcher!? Its almost like it’s prettied up so that EVERYONE just HAS TO STOP BY and take a peek for one second, or if you’re like me for twenty minutes and basically go through the whole store.


I stopped by the other day and had a quick chat with Fred (one of the owners and the cool dude who runs the place, so I guess he’s owner slash manager of the little farm) and he was kind enough to give me some pictures to post on my blog.

* Photography by @toddbeltzphotography ,




And if you’re interesting in feeding your kids quality milk, check out their milk aisle.

Hope I can run into a few people at my next visit!!!

Valley Point Shopping Centre
491 River Valley Road #01-20, Singapore 248371
7:30 am – 9:30 pm Daily


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