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[SG] Naughty Nuri’s Singapore | Pork Ribs | BBQ Ribs

May 4, 2016

Ok, so to start with the conclusion. My experience with Naughty Nuri’s Singapore was HORRIBLE.

Kaden and I took the day to go out and just have a nice relaxing DATE without the kids (BIG thank you to my mom).

We set out to have dinner at Naughty Nuri’s Singapore, since it was rated so well on






Here’s the menu. It was pretty shabby. If I pulled on it a bit, it looked like it was going to rip.


I really liked the location, right beside Capitol Theatre.




We ordered a full rack, a side of fries, coleslaw, and a calamari.


The slaw was purple, which made us curious. The first taste was ok. The second taste made me think. Then the third…

I thought they made it out of old yogurt. OLD as in, it was way past it’s expire date. It’s an acquired taste.


The fries were great. It seemed like they put it in the oil right when we ordered, it didn’t taste like it was pre-made. Or as if it was sitting under the heating light for a while before being served. It tastes like it was made right then.


The ribs. Ok. So this was my big dilemma. Do I say this loud and clear or do I just keep this in my mind and just think to myself. Then Kaden said it out loud. ”This sauce tastes like the Food Court BBQ Chicken that they sell at the basement of ION”. Yeap. That’s what I thought. It tastes like the Malaysian style BBQ chicken wings. Only it’s on the pork. Don’t get me wrong, the ribs were great. The meat just slid right off the bone and it was juicy and tender. But the sauce was just way way way too salty and very…. normal, average, common. A taste that is just not unique or savory in any way.


The seating and the atmosphere of the restaurant was nice though.


However, the customer service was REALLY BAD, in other words. Brand experience of Naughty Nuri’s was a ZERO.


There were plenty of empty seats. Even seats upstairs. However, when we went, the girl asked if we were walk-ins. I said yes. She said that she had one table for two and that it needed to cleared by 7:15pm. It was a little after 6pm when we arrived.

I said that it was fine and that it should be no problem.

She said she would clear the table for us and that it would be ready in two minutes. It was prepared in two minutes.

We sat down, NO ONE EXPLAINED how we need to order. So we sat there wasting about 10 minutes for the server. When some one finally caught my vigorous waving hand (or should I say arm), they came and said that we could fill out an order form and just give it to a server for the order to be placed.



After our order was placed Kaden noticed that on the order receipt, it was stated that we ordered a regular COKE when Kaden had checked off the COKE ZERO box on the order form. We told the server, she said that the COKE ZERO was out of stock and that she would get us another COKE. HUH??!!!?? WHAT?! Shouldn’t they have checked that BEFORE giving us our drinks? Asking us if regular coke was ok or not??

Anyways, we finished our meal (half eaten), asked for out bill, was told to pay up front, went to the front to pay, mentioned that the order of the COKE was misplaced and all we got back was a very blank, look. No apology, no acknowledgement, no nothing. It wasn’t like we were asking for a free drink or anything. We just wanted to point it out so that other people wouldn’t make the same mistake. However, NOTHING.


I can say I’ve been to Naughty Nuri’s and have tried their ribs, but I can also say I’m not going back.


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