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September 1, 2016


About a week ago I was craving Pho. Rice noodles in a nice warm bowl of beef stew so I ordered from SO PHO through Deliveroo.


Everything came very nicely packed.


Even the beef soup was nicely packaged like this in a paper bowl. This made it easy for me to eat the noodles. All I had to do was just open the box with the cooked noodles and dump them into that paper bowl.


I also ordered chicken wings, spring rolls and a mango-papaya salad.


Surprisingly, the noodles weren’t stuck to each other and were very moist.


The spring rolls didn’t have any dip or sauce so that was a bit disappointing.


However, the mang-papaya salad was GREAT. By GREAT, I mean it was one of the best I have tasted. And trust me, I’ve had a lot of mango or papaya salads.

The chicken wings were a bit soggy. They came with like a pickled vegetable (I don’t know what it was) and the sauce from it or whatever it was made it soggy. The spices and marinade on the wings were ok but a bit on the salty side for me.

The beef noodles were very good. It reminded me of the Pho I used to have back in Vancouver. The soup wasn’t too heavy with all the spices, it was just the right amount of aroma and flavour. The beef was very tender. However, there were only 2 beef balls so that was bit disappointing. Other than that, everything was good.

The spring rolls would have been very good too if it had a dipping sauce or something. They were a bit on the bland side.

Would I order again? Probably.

What would I recommend? Just the beef soup noodles.


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