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January 4, 2017

This year I made a calendar with the kids’ pictures for us. I actually wanted to do this when Josh was born but really didn’t have the time or effort to make this. I think I was just lazy until now.

This year I knew I had a bunch of good pictures to choose from so I went onto and went through the design templates that they had to create our 2017 calendar.

All the design templates weren’t right on point with me. Or I’m just really messed up and can’t pick a design. So I chose a blank design sheet and created a simple calendar design.

Andrea’s birthday is in September so I put her picture into that month. Josh’s birthday is in June so I put his picture for that month.

Now, the lettering part of the calendar, you can choose a design from the list of templates that they have or create your own. I just chose the most simple and clean one cause I didn’t want to take the time to create my own.

There was plenty of space to write my notes in and scribble on so that was a real plus for me.

When you login to the site you can choose from the list or create your own.

Once you choose which one you’re going to make and which month the calendar is going to start, the design page will load up.

I chose the blank one so it was blank to start with. Once you upload the images you are going to use on the left-hand side, you can start arranging your calendar on the main page area.

I have a thing with organising files on my computer. Especially the pictures that I take. I create folders by year, month and then by specific date. This allows me to be able to look at the images in order that I took and make sure that all the images are all there.

This year, I knew I had a lot to choose from so I had already created a folder with about 8-9 images that I liked and wanted to use. I chose the rest from the recent images that took and was able to finish the calendar in about an hour.

Each calendar was about 24000 won ($25 dollars) but I was able to get a coupon and get each one done for about 18000 won($18 dollars).

Not bad for a gift eh!?


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