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Spring is in the air

April 2, 2015

It was such a nice day out today.

Josh and I went out for a walk.

I ergo-ed Andrea and put a blanket over her cause the wind was quite strong (and cold).

We saw a couple of birds and Josh spotted a blue jay.

He was so excited to tell me that the bird was “BLEWWW~” (that’s how he pronounces blue).

We also went to see the chickens.

Josh loves to give the chickens crackers~

But we didn’t have anything to give them today.

So Josh just said his Hi~ Hi~ Hi’s and then we played bubbles.

Josh saw the root beer jar outside and wanted some.

But he only got two sips and then it was all MINE!!!

(I’m not a mom who gives her children junk food or pop all the time. But I do however give it to Josh once in a while. Cause hey, adults like to have a treat once in a while too. We also crave something sweet or pop sometimes and I don’t want Josh to be too blocked out with stuff like this. I make sure he doesn’t eat a whole lot of this stuff and make sure it’s caffeine free. That’s why we only drink MUGS root beer cause although I love Barqs it’s not caffeine free.)

Our hazelnut tree had some really pretty flowers.

So I took some pictures with my phone.

It amazes me how pictures like these can be taken with an iPhone.

Its better than my camera!!!

I love his face on this picture. We saw a rabbit eating on our way back to the house.

Josh said “토끼!!!!!!!” which is rabbit in Korean, then starred at it like this for the longest time.

Although the wind was really cold and strong~ our walk today was nice and bright!!!


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