Super busy 

April 10, 2015

I cannot even explain or write down the details of how busy I am. I think to myself “can homemakers be this busy?? Seriously?!” Then I answer my own question “YES!” Because I am super busy right now.



I haven’t had any time to spend on the blog. I am writing this on my phone right now with Andrea Ergoed on my back.

Andrea is teething and she is just so cranky. No matter what I do she’s JUST MORE AND MORE CRANKY. I feel like I have to nickname her CRANKY. She’s literally THAT cranky and grumpy.

Josh is actually talking in sentences now. He says some things in English and some in Korean but most of the time he talks in Korean. He asks questions now too. I feel so bad sometimes because when Andrea is crying and having a fuss, Josh is left alone.. He usually sits by himself and watches something or plays with his trains… Its so hard and sad to see him like that. He’s only 2.5 years old.. He really needs his daddy. I can tell from him saying that he was to go to the playground with daddy.

-+-+-+-+- Continuing to write on laptop now

After writing a little bit on my phone I was too tired and overwhelmed by all the stuff I had to do and with Andrea fussing and Josh screaming and jumping I thought I was going crazy and decided to finish this off on the computer.

Just the other day we went to get passport photos taken for the kids.

Andrea was so good in the car seat. She slept then looked out the window. I was pretty cool.


Josh was a bit cranky cause he missed his nap time.

However, both of them did a great job with the photos and we got them done pretty quickly!

After getting the photos taken, we went to Guildford Mall.

Andrea just slept in the stroller and Josh was super duper cranky.



Josh and I put on our TOMS shoes that day!

Twins day with mommy!


After a stroll (I really didn’t get to look at everything I wanted to…) we picked up the photos and went home!


After a few hours of resting, napping and doing chores, we went grocery shopping.


Josh picked out a Thomas and Friends ball.


Andrea just was Andrea and was happy the whole time.




Yesterday we played outside cause the weather was soooo nice!!


The bubble gun that we have blew the bubbles on the ground so Josh decided to play like this



After some time in the sun we came in and Josh was playing with his trains.

He looked so serious and concentrated that I had to take a picture.


Just two more days and hubby arrives!!!

Then one week after we all head to Korea to see the in-laws!

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