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[KR] HONG DAE AMERICAN DELI | 홍대 수제버거 맛집 | 홍대 수제버거 | 홍대 데이트 맛집 | 홍대 스테이크 맛집 | Philly Cheese Steak

August 2, 2017

Today Julia and I went to the famous “AMERICAN DELI” in Hong Dae.

Chef OH is famous for winning the East Western Food Festival. He even won 3 times!!!!

He has also been on the Korean TV program DAL IN on SBS.

He is well known for creating hand made burgers that are created with fresh ingredients and with precise details in his recipes.

“AMERICAN DELI” is located in HONG DAE IP GU (Line #2).

If you exit #8, it can be found easier.

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Food Notes

롯데리아 홈서비스 | 롯데리아 아재버거 | 롯데리아 AZ버거 | Lotteria home service | Lotteria buger

February 20, 2017

I finally got to try the AZ burger from Lotteria.

I found out about this burger from the pregnant with diabetes Naver Cafe and most of the mommy’s who tried it didn’t have high blood glucose levels afterward. So I ordered it too and tried it out. Most women would just eat the burger with water or coffee (usually an Americano) but I wanted to also try the twisted potatoes that they were selling so I ordered mine as a Combo (burger and drink) and added the curled up fries on the side.

그래도 임당카페에 나와있는 햄버거가 롯데리아 아재버거라서 얼마나 다행인지…

Apparently, the AZ burger is one of the new menus. I thought I saw them promoting this burger when I first came back to Korea, which was about three or four months ago. I guess they forgot to take down the NEW sign.

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[SG] Burger Joint New York

August 20, 2016


If you know me, and I mean like literally really really know me, you’ll know that I LOVE burgers. I love a solid, nicely stacked, and meaty burger. While searching for a good burger place here in Singapore, I stumbled upon Burger Joint.

I had no idea it was a hot place or if their burgers were any good but apparently, THEY ARE REALLY GOOD according to all the reviews.


In the middle of my search-catastrophy (it took me more than an hour cause of the kids, they were going crazy, literally up the walls and everything) I found that they have locations in different countries too. AND>>>> Wait for it>>>>>>> They had one in Singapore AND Korea!!!! HA!!!!


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So why wait to try it out! I asked Kaden to pick up a burger for me on the way home and when I texted him (or should I say kakao messaged him) he was near their Singapore outlet!!

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