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재효 | 디자인테이블웨어 | 커피잔 | 커피머그 | 에스프레소잔 | JAEHYO | Design Tableware | Coffee Mug | #2 Espresso Cup

February 23, 2017

My coffee time is usually during the afternoon when the kids sleep. When the kids’ nap, I fix myself a cup of coffee and a snack and sit in from of my MacBook and post something on my blog or just browse around looking at kids stuff.

Today, I had my coffee in the morning. Between all the chaos that the kids were making, I was brave enough to make a cup of coffee and cut up some bread.

Ever since using I started using the products, I get excited about coffee time. All the products are so sophisticated and elegantly designed that it makes my coffee time feel a bit more special than before. Even placing this piece of bread on the saucer of this black stripe espresso cup set makes me feel like I’m at a coffee shop, not my in-laws house.

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JAEHYO | Ceramic Mug | Design Tableware | 재효 | 디자인테이블웨어 | #1개봉기

February 22, 2017

About a week or so ago, I was browsing my Naver Blog neighbors’ blogs and found a cool tableware site

I also found out that they were looking for people to test out their products and post the reviews on their blogs. I entered and was lucky enough to get picked.

I ordered the products that I was interested in through their website and today, the products arrived.

The site sponsored a small amount and the rest, I paid for and chose the products I wanted.

I love Korea’s tracking system and packaging system. How much faster and more secure can you get!?!

Each mug was individually packed and the plates were wrapped in the bubble wrap.

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Josh&Andrea&Tyler Reviews&Ratings 2017 Calendar|달력만들기|스냅스|Making a calendar

January 4, 2017

This year I made a calendar with the kids’ pictures for us. I actually wanted to do this when Josh was born but really didn’t have the time or effort to make this. I think I was just lazy until now.

This year I knew I had a bunch of good pictures to choose from so I went onto and went through the design templates that they had to create our 2017 calendar.

All the design templates weren’t right on point with me. Or I’m just really messed up and can’t pick a design. So I chose a blank design sheet and created a simple calendar design.

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