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My Notes Reviews&Ratings Seoul, South Korea

Studio Monique Hong Dae | 스튜디오 모니크 | 홍대 미용실 | 발레아쥬 | 옴브레 | Balayage Ombre

October 28, 2017

So…. I really needed a change. Not just mentally but literally, physically I needed a change. I wanted to get my hair done. I’ve been wanting to get it done for a while but things came up. I had stuff to take care of, we had a funeral to attend, etc etc family matters were our first priority so “getting the hair done” was the last thing to do on my list.

I wanted to get a bright blonde #balayage done but I knew that would have to take a couple of sessions, so I went for a bright ash tone.

I got my hair done at Studio Monique (designer MJ) in Hong Dae. MJ is literally the balayage and ombre expert in Korea. She worked in LA for about 4 years and came to Korea with her specialized skills.

Foil work in the process.

MJ was really precise and careful with her work.

Although she’s only been at Studio Monique for just about a year, it seems like she has a pretty solid list of clients who support and love her work.

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L’Oréal Professionnel PRO|FIBER Hair Treatment @SalonVIM

November 16, 2015

A few days ago, okay maybe weeks ago I can’t really remember, I started following @salonvim on instagram.

They seemed to be a HOT hair studio in Singapore.

Through their Instagram feed, I found out about L’Oréal Professionnel’s PRO|FIBER Hair Treatment.

I went to their website and found this information.

01 02 03

Basically what this does is, it rebuilds your hair and strengthens it from within. Not just making it strong on the outside of your hair but making it so that it goes into the hair stem and reconstructs it for a smooth and healthier look.

The stylist takes a look at your hair to determine which treatment level is fit for your hair.

Then once the process begins, it only takes about HALF AN HOUR TO 45 MINS for the treatment!!

When the product is applied, they use a COLD flat iron to help the absorption of the product. Last time I checked, my flat iron used heat. I mean it became HOT to straighten my hair. This iron that they use at the salon is a COLD iron…!!!!!!! So cooool~

I was fortunate enough to enter an Instagram contest for a chance to experience this PRO|FIBER hair treatment at SALON VIM.



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My Notes Reviews&Ratings River Valley, Singapore

Artica Hair Studio Singapore | Singapore Hair Salon | 싱가폴 미용실

August 24, 2015

So yesterday, for the first time in about three months (although it does seem like it was much more than that) I went and got my hair done!!!!

The kids were with Kaden the whole day!!!

I was out!!! BY MYSELF!!!!!!!

I googled Singapore hair salons that do good coloring before I went and found Artica Hair Studio.

Far East Organization, Singapore 228213
6836 2891

When you get to the 4th floor, come up the escalator and make right.


Pass ANNA NUCCI and keep walking until you reach the very end of the hall.


Make another right and you’ll see the main studio on your left.



They also have a small separate studio across the hall.


This is me before the consultation.


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