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February 23, 2017

My coffee time is usually during the afternoon when the kids sleep. When the kids’ nap, I fix myself a cup of coffee and a snack and sit in from of my MacBook and post something on my blog or just browse around looking at kids stuff.

Today, I had my coffee in the morning. Between all the chaos that the kids were making, I was brave enough to make a cup of coffee and cut up some bread.

Ever since using I started using the products, I get excited about coffee time. All the products are so sophisticated and elegantly designed that it makes my coffee time feel a bit more special than before. Even placing this piece of bread on the saucer of this black stripe espresso cup set makes me feel like I’m at a coffee shop, not my in-laws house.

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Skinny Mint

June 18, 2016


I’ve started my SkinnyMint teatox and it’s been one week since I started.

I’m actually doing it with Kaden. We’re doing it together. The teabag is big enough for two cups of tea.

I almost want to boil a big jug of tea and keep it in the fridge.

Looking at all the before and after pictures of Skinny Mint tea it made me think twice before ordering my trial.

They say it works and that most of them didn’t really change their diet or eating habits.

I’ve been on it for a week now and I’m kind of thinking of ordering the 28day  tea pack, cause I do feel less tired and less bloated.

Maybe it’s working or maybe it’s just the weaning with Andrea that’s making me feel better.

I don’t really know but one thing is for sure.

My body shape is changing and it’s making me feel grrreeat!!!!