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February 23, 2017

My coffee time is usually during the afternoon when the kids sleep. When the kids’ nap, I fix myself a cup of coffee and a snack and sit in from of my MacBook and post something on my blog or just browse around looking at kids stuff.

Today, I had my coffee in the morning. Between all the chaos that the kids were making, I was brave enough to make a cup of coffee and cut up some bread.

Ever since using I started using the products, I get excited about coffee time. All the products are so sophisticated and elegantly designed that it makes my coffee time feel a bit more special than before. Even placing this piece of bread on the saucer of this black stripe espresso cup set makes me feel like I’m at a coffee shop, not my in-laws house.

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1st Period finished|Break time|육아 전반전 종료

June 17, 2016


엄마의 아침. Yeap. Mommy’s breakfast alright!

You’d think that mommy’s who have it all~ you know, who have THE GAME~ All good and everything would have a breakfast table that looks like this.


(Image provided by

But NOPE! A bowl of cereal in a Pororo soup bowl is what reality is!

Its really nothing to be sad about. It’s just reality. 정말 현실이 그런걸 어떻게 합니까. 인정하고 넘어가야죠.

Busy mornings that start at 6am. Can’t really do anything about that. You just have to make sure that you EAT and have enough energy to survive.


And once you get through that period of time, a little treat might just make your day brighten up. Just like how this did for me today.

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