Seoul, South Korea

Thanksgiving in Korea

October 9, 2017

Our first Korean Thanksgiving together. All of us together.

Usually, in Korea CHOO SUK (Thanksgiving) is remembering family (family members who have passed away) and spending quality time with family. For us, it’s putting together a table for our grandparents who have passed away and bowing to show our respect. Its called a 차례상. Our in-laws do this but my family doesn’t. Usually, Christians who have faith think that this is the same as believing in ghosts or worshiping other gods so my family doesn’t do this tradition.

However, I felt that my kids needed to participate and since I believe its more of a Korean tradition rather than worshiping gods, I wanted them to experience it for the first and last time (don’t tell that to my in-laws).

I think Josh was ok with it but Andrea obviously didn’t like this.

After having lunch, we headed to Kaden’s uncle’s house in YeoJu.

Kaden’s aunt and uncle. They are so nice and generous.

We also got to meet Kaden’s other aunts’ dog. DDUROO.

We had dinner there and came back home.

On Friday, my family met up. My mom’s side.

Grandma also came. So it was a pretty big meet up. Almost 20 people. LOL

We all decided to pitch in and make lunch like a pot luck. So I was assigned cake, cousins brought fruit and grandma also made a dessert dish. She cooked chestnuts and jujube and made a dish with honey.

My mom, my aunt and youngest aunt with my cousin.

The food.

The fam.

My grandma.

We all were so happy to see each other. I wish could meet up more often.

Wel all had a great time. We all also missed the family members who couldn’t make it, or who are far away (Andy and Annie we miss you very much!).

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