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The Good Wife

July 12, 2016

요즘 정말 화제의 드라마가 있다. 나에게. 나 혼자에게 화제인. 내 머리속에서 화제인 드라마다.

미국 드라마 the good wife 를 한국 버젼으로 만든 “굿와이프”.

I watched all 7 seasons of the American version. When I heard that tvn was making a Korean version of it. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to at first. I knew in the back of my head that it was going to be BIG. However, when I read who was playing the leading role, it was something to look forward to for sure.


과연 한국 버젼이 미국 드라마의 7개의 시즌을 능가하는 그런 시청자의 집중력, 흔히들 말하는 넘겨보는 (and by this I mean people like me who skip through the whole 60 minutes by pressing the next button) 시청자들까지 사로잡을 수 있을까? 라는 생각을 했지만. 첫 회 부터 전도연이라는 “여자”는 정말 시청자를 끌어당기는데, 알수 없는 힘이, 매력이 있었다.

한국 정서에 맞는, 한국 사람의 사고 방식과 생각하는 방식을 완전히 콕 찝어서, “이건 한국 사람을 위해 만든겁니다” 라고 쓰듯이. 너무 자극 적이지도 않고 아주 매우 멋있게 스토리를 이끌었다.


When I watched the first few episodes of the American version, I fell into a “motherhood cloud”. A very grey, unknown cloud that got me thinking. Actually thinking about everything and anything I could think of.

Who am I?

What do I want?

Why am I living like this?

What is the purpose of me doing this?

Why do I want to be here, in Singapore, living like this?

What do I want for my kids?

Is there a right or wrong?

What path am I taking for our family as a mother and why?

Who do I want to be in 5 years?

Would I even be able to work?

Would I be able to do the work I want to do?

내가 하고싶은것에 대해 고민해 본지가… 음.. 정말 생각도 안날 만큼 옛날 일 같다. Its almost like I never did. 근데 지금 와서 내가 아이들을 어느정도 키워놓고 무언가를 할 수 있을때, “무엇”을 할 수 있을까? There are so many options however, so many of them will be narrowed down because I’ve just bee freelancing for so long. Because I’ve been a stay at home mom for so long and because my ability to “keep up” will be.. well.. Lets just say it like this. I WILL BE OLD.

So here I am. Adding another prayer bullet on my list.

Trying to figure myself out.

I feel like I’m in high school again. Trying to see what options I have and which collage I can apply to. I feel like I’m going through a different adulthood speed bump called “motherhood-workhood”.

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