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The illness cycle

February 12, 2016

Our kids have been sick for more than a month and I am suffering from this illness madness that’s going on in our house.



During the last few weeks it seemed like everyone was getting better and that everyone was feeling well.


But then Andrea was starting to get a fever.






It’s so obvious but also so funny how Andrea likes to copy Josh.


If Josh sleeps, she’ll get down beside him and pretend to sleep.

She’s so cute but…. when she’s sick.. it’s like OMG..!!!


She wouldn’t sleep for more than 40 minutes straight. More like she COULDN’T.

She was coughing so hard that she was vomiting over and over again.

The next morning we took her to a pediatric doctor and found out she had an ear infection and bronchitis.

The doctor said she was showing early signs of pneumonia, which was freaking me out.

But the doctor said tests showed negative for most parts so we didn’t have to worry. BUT she had to go on antibiotics for the infections and bronchitis.

So right now, instead of sleeping in the crib, she’s sleeping with me.

I just pray she gets better soon so that we ALL can get some sleep.


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