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Things I don’t like doing

September 1, 2016


One of the things I don’t like doing is ironing. Another thing I don’t like doing is sewing by hand. Using a sewing machine, I can do. Sewing by hand, I hate. I don’t know why but ironing and sewing by hand are two things that I don’t like doing.

I don’t like doing things that require repetitive actions. I don’t like doing things that make my mind drift into a blank canvas.

I also don’t like spending 2 hours on something that could be done in 5 minutes by a professional. If the cleaners didn’t cost this much money, for instance in Korea it’s only $2 per shirt, I would just send it off to them.

As a homemaker, this is one of my duties and it’s one of my jobs that I have to do. So I just do it. I suck it up and just do it. But if I had the choice, I wouldn’t. Never.


That’s why when Kaden goes out and makes purchases like these, I get mad. I would say to him “stop buying clothes that I have to iron!!”. I know it’s may sound really selfish, but right now, ironing is something I want to avoid every day.


One of the other reasons I hate doing these two things is the safety of the children. If I want to iron or sew, I have to do it when the kids are sleeping or when they are doing something that requires super high focus levels. Or else they’ll come over to me and ask me what I’m doing, what does this do, what is this for etc etc. Josh already almost touched the iron and I never want to go through that safety hazard ever again.


That’s why yesterday and today, all I did was iron and sew during the mornings. The kids would be eating their snacks or drawing or playing with sand outside. I would be ironing… or sewing…



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