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Tonkatsu | 5 dollar meal | HanYang University | 행운돈까스 | 한양대 맛집 | 왕십리 맛집 | Donkatsu

February 9, 2017

I was craving this old school Korean style tonkatsu for a while. Since I was in Singapore actually. I finally went, by myself to Hanyang University and had a good solid meal for $5.5 dollars.

It’s located near Han Yang University and Enter-6.

It’s closed on Sundays and open during Mon – Sat from 11AM to 9:30PM

When I arrived, it was 4:45pm. I ordered a Tonkatsu with Kimchi Fried rice, which is priced at 5500 won (approximately $5.5 dollars).

When you sit down and order, the kind lady brings you a plate of soup, kimchi, pickled radish and a piece of bread.

If you want more kimchi or water, it’s a “self-serve” system A.K.A. get up and get it yourself.

Knives, forks and spoons are placed on each table.

With some pepper for your soup.

Napkins are also there on each table.

After about ten minutes or so, my food arrived. Ah~ the color of the sauce and the wonderful old school plating.

이보다더 맛있을수 있을까 싶을 정도로 맛있는 한양대 행운돈까스. 경양식, 분식 통틀어서 그냥 여기가 제일 맛있당!!!!!


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