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Tracing and Drawing Toddler Home Activities

January 20, 2017

One of the things that I always wanted to do when we finally have our own place, is to build or create an area for JUST the kids. Not just a play area but an area where they can play, learn and just be kids. Although I don’t mind living with the in-laws until our condo is finished being built (ok, maybe I do mind a bit, or, a lot actually) I wanted to make sure that the kids didn’t just sit around and watch the iPad all the time. Grandparents tend to do that.

In order to avoid the kids being bored out of their mind and grandparents letting them watch Youtube all the time, I started to dig through my old teaching files on my external drive and decided to create a “homeschooling” but yet “not homeschooling” activity for the kids.

I know how much Josh loves arts and crafts. He loves ART. He gets very focused and is great at coming up with creative ideas. I always make sure nobody stops him from doing what he likes to do.

So today I downloaded some tracing worksheets from make an activity for the kids.

We printed three different types of tracing and coloring sheets, colored them, cut them out and put them on a big white piece of paper.

Josh then wanted to draw on the white paper and great a masterpiece of his own.

He was so focused and excited, I could see sparks in his eyes. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and what tools he needed to complete it.

However, I could tell the two munchkins were ready for a nap when they started to fuss about, literally, nothing.

They both wanted to draw, Josh wouldn’t let Andrea draw on the paper, Andrea started to cry like a mad man. So I had to put them both to bed before all things went to hell. We said we would continue this after their naps.


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