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September 6, 2016


We made it through Monday!! Yay!!! I thought that by now I would have started my morning sickness but I’m totally fine. I feel a bit uncomfortable in the stomach right after I wake up but other than that, I’m fine.

Josh and Andrea were pretty bored yesterday. We didn’t do much and they did get a chance to go out for a bit with Kaden last night but I guess that wasn’t enough. They’ve been wanting to go outside for a while now but I’ve been having some cramp-like lower abdominal pain since yesterday morning so I’m trying to take it easy.


Therefore, everything and anything to keep the kids busy is a must!


They had their Lego session, coloring session and then a full on window marker session this morning.




And while they drew on the windows, I made some side dishes I could stock up in the fridge.


Teacher Paik’s fried Go Choo Jang. A must have item in the fridge!!


Some 멸치볶음! Andrea is in love with this right now and asks for it at every meal.



After a good lunch. we had some green apple flavoured jelly.


Then off to bed, it was for Josh and Andrea.



I knew they were both tired from the cold medicine they are taking right now. Lots of phlegm and coughing going on in our house right now. Andrea even has a really bad runny nose. But they didn’t cough as much as yesterday so I’m thinking it’s getting better.


AND while the kids sleep! I made myself a nice cup of iced lemonade!!!!

Trying to cut down on the coffee and trying to go with the more refreshing drinks. Although I feel like an iced Americano would have also been very refreshing.


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