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Tyler and the fam

June 2, 2017

During the first two weeks after Tyler was born, I breastfed him with formula (Aptamil). I would get him to latch on and have a good 15minutes on each side, then feed him about 40ml to 60ml of formula. He would sometimes gulp down the 60ml and sometimes get about 40ml. During the first two weeks, I was able to find a breast milk massage therapist to help me with the latching and get my milk supply going. I was able to pump out about 30ml of breastmilk (both sides added up was about 30ml) after the first massage, then about 100ml after the second. In Korea, there are many breast massage shops for breastfeeding moms or for moms who are wanting to wean without pain.

I had to give Tyler formula because he was already having about 40ml ever three hours at the hospital. At the hospitals in Korea, they feed the babies formula starting the first day they are born. I hate this because I know by the time my breastmilk starts to kick in after about three days, my baby will already be used to the bottle and will not want to latch on to my breast.

That’s why I had to give him formula for the first little bit. Tyler was already used to the bottle and he would cry and fuss a bit before latching on ALL THE TIME. The first week was so hard for me. I wasn’t sure I could continue with breastfeeding.

I was too tired, exhausted and ready throw my white towel to give up. I was crying every day because Andrea was also sick during that week. I felt like I had messed up as a mother. I didn’t whether it was a good thing or not but Josh seemed to be doing well but Andrea was definitely stressed out about having a younger sibling.

Andrea wanted me to hold her every time I tried to nurse Tyler. She would step on the nursing cushion and try to get up on top of Tyler. She would cry and throw a tantrum about anything and everything. She would cry and scream until she got what she wanted. It was a horrible week.

As week 2 came, Kaden also got sick. It was like our house was loaded with germs and cold viruses. Kaden wasn’t much of a helper during week 1 but once he got sick it was like my mother-in-law and I had to take care of 4 kids. Kaden has gotten a lot better but he’s still not so helpful, STILL. It’s like he’s gone dumb or something. If my mother and I are doing something or taking care of one of the three kids, he should be able to step up and help out with at least one of the other. He could at least take care of Josh. But instead, he chooses to sit on the couch and play Candy Crush on his phone. That made me MAD.

Anyways, when week 3 came along things were getting much much better around the house. I was able to control my emotions and not cry all the time. Andrea was getting better and Tyler started to slowly come up with his own daily routine pattern. He would play, eat sleep in a certain time frame and sleep through the night (no more than 4 hours straight though). I was starting to feel less tired during the morning and was able to squeeze in a cup of decaf coffee in the mornings.

Andrea was getting better too. We decided to have her stay home for a week and not go to preschool. She would stay with me and Tyler and help me with things around the house. She would go on short walks with me and I would have her help me with Tyler too. She was learning to love her little brother and control her tantrums too. It was like our whole family was going through an adjustment stage.

Now that we’re heading towards week 4. We are all doing better than before. Taking it one day at a time. Our family of five is learning to love each other more and more everyday.

As for Tyler, he’s now fully breastfed and has gained about 1.5 kgs since birth.

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