Why I use cosRX Products Even Though I don’t have Acne Prone Skin

November 9, 2017

A while ago, my friend asked me why I use cosRX products even though I don’t have acne prone skin. I don’t have pimples but I do have dry skin that can easily break out. My skin doesn’t break out with a whole bunch of red dots on my face, but I do get little tiny rash-like little pimples and my face also goes super red. Especially my cheeks. If I don’t provide enough hydration to certain areas of my face, it’ll get really bumpy with lots and lots of little tiny bumps. Which looks super weird when you put foundation on. That’s why I chose cosRX products for my face.

The One Stip Moisture Up Pad brings so much moisture to my face that I don’t have to put anything else on, after it. It’s that moist. It gets absorbed very well and doesn’t feel like the moisture is just sitting on the surface of my skin but gets absorbed and spread out evenly throughout my whole face.

The One Step Original Clear Pad, I only use two or three times a week. I heard that if you use it every day, it’ll make your skin a bit sensitive. I usually use it for days I put on full-out makeup. Meaning, if I went “all the way out” with my makeup (tone up cream, foundation, concealer, shading, blush, highlighter etc) then I use it after removing my makeup.

Other than the two products above, I also use the Clarifying Treatment Toner which helps my skin stay really smooth and evenly toned.

The Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser I use every day. It makes my face feel a bit cleaner and refreshed after washing it with this.

Then the Clear Fit Spot Concealer.

Ok, this little punk here, I’m going to do a separate posting about soon. It is the BOMB. It is the BEST of the BEST concealers out there. It literally covers everything. AND it does it without being a super thick layer. You know when you’ve done your foundation, then the concealer and your face feels like you’ve put about ten more layers of makeup on it? Wel, this little baby here doesn’t give you that feeling. It goes on super thin and it really does COVER your little spots you NEED to be covered.

What I do is, I mix my foundation with a little bit of this concealer and apply that mix, all over my face. As if it was my foundation from the beginning. That way, I get an even-toned, fully covered, not-blotchy but clear and shiny face that looks healthy and moist.

I’ll be doing another posting on that separately though.

So if you were also wondering why I use cosRX, even though my face doesn’t look like it’s acne-prone skin.

There you have it. It’s that simple. cosRX products, help my skin stay healthy and clean too, even though it’s not acne prone.

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