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August 6, 2016


Sassy mama 

I love this website because it has everything a “mom in Singapore” needs. From information on play areas to vacation hot spots, child friendly cafes to great dining restaurants. You name it! Its here on this website! It’s like the Costco of mama websites!!!!


Young Parents

Originally a paper magazine. Young parents brings you up-to-date news and information along side parenting tips. Its a great website to go to for events and openings but I like to just go through it like an online magazine and browse around.


Daniel Food Diary

For most information regarding food and “eating” I always used to refer to but recently I found the “lady” to be very commercial-ized (if you know what I mean). The site is still good with great information but it just seems like it’s turned into a big company who doesn’t focus on the real Singapore hot spots that only locals would know about or.. well.. I’m just not drawn to it as much anymore. There’s no personal connection to the site anymore (sponsored posts and advertisements do take some part in this matter I think). Anyways when I was being set back from I found this site. Daniel food diary does have staff writing different posts and taking different pictures just like ladyironchef but they are more closer to home base I think. AND THEY ARE SUPER HONEST. Most of the stuff that they post are places and things they ate and rated themselves so it is pretty legit.


Honey Kids Go

If you want to know what kind of classes or playdates or events your kids can attend to in your neighborhood, check this out. It’s like a directory of all classes and events for kids. Even summer camps!!!!


The Smart Local

If you want to get down to the core of Singapore and just plan an “exploring day”, I would say this is the site to go. Great information, detailed posts and a whole lot of things to do and places to go on the site for ya!

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