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Valentines Day

February 14, 2017

Kaden and I don’t really do anything special on Valentine’s day.

Oh BTW, did you know that in Korea, WOMEN are supposed to give chocolates to men on Valentine’s day!?!?!!

YEAP! So on Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day, women are to give men chocolates and on March 14th, White Day, men are to give women chocolates and candy.

Korean companies…!!!! Coming up with different ways to sell more candy and sweets!!! AH!!! So Brilliant!!!

Anyways, we usually don’t do anything but today, the kids and I made a card to give to Kaden. Since Kaden is also on a diet (he wants to loose like 5 kgs) I sent him a Starbucks e-card instead of chocolates.

We had fun making the card and playing around with markers before they napped.

I hope Kaden can come home early today to see the kids.


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