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July 7, 2017

So a few days ago, I was able to test out this protective clear film for my MacBook Pro.

It came like this with the product in the mail. The instructions were on the back and everything was really straight forward.

Everything was very straight forward and easy to apply.

First, you wipe your screen with the wet tissue and then with the dry tissue, then get rid of all the dust (even the really small ones with the sticker that is included, then peel off the STEP 1 film and place the screen protector on your Macbook screen. Place it nicely aligned and peel the STEP 1 strip off.

Then once you get the film placed in position, you use this white plastic thing to push out all the little air bubbles.

Once you have that done, let it sit for a bit and apply the touch bar film.

Once you have that in place, then remove STEP 2 from the screen protector.

The good thing about VSP’s protective covers is that they are really easy to apply onto your screen.

The camera hole is perfectly aligned and punched through so that your pictures and facetime quality isn’t messed with.

TA DA~~~~

This is what my MacBook Pro looks like with the clear film.

It’s stated on the website that the screen film will help with the quality of the screen and that it’ll keep it nice, clean and clear. AND it really did.

Also, sometimes when you place or apply clear films like this on your phone or touch screens, the touch sensor doesn’t really seem to work well. Some products are like that. But with VSP’s clear film you don’t have to worry about that. It works perfectly well and keeps your touch bar clean and dust free!!!

If you are in Korea and would like to purchase one, check out their website!


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