Pregnancy Notes

Week 26 + 2 days Keeping Track

January 31, 2017

Over the Korean New Years Holidays, I kind of “let go” of all record keeping and just ate whatever I felt like eating.

This didn’t cause my numbers to sky rocket or anything but it did make me feel a bit guilty.

When I got back from a family gathering at my aunt’s house yesterday, I decided to make a chart and keep track of all my numbers. I don’t have to check every day but it just felt like it needed to be done. If I could keep track at least every other day, then I would be able to look at the numbers, all in one place, and make sure I don’t go over the safety range.

I created a Numbers document and created a sheet with the date, what I ate and the glucose levels that I would take 1 hour after and if, high, 2 hours after a meal. I also put in a column for my daily exercise levels and how many minutes I walk per day.

Hopefully, now that I have this going I can keep track and make sure I don’t go overboard with what I eat and not be lazy with my exercising.

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