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Week 28 +6days (3D Ultrasound 입체초음파)

February 17, 2017

세상 많이 좋아졌다. 배속에 아기의 얼굴을 이렇게 초음파로 볼 수 있다니. 정말 신기하다.

Technology these days. It’s amazing how you can see the face of your baby that’s still inside your belly! How amazing, and kind of scary at the same time! Imagine what technology could do in about ten years time from now. Sometimes stuff like this scares me cause I’m afraid that what we see in the movies sometimes really might come true. Robots taking over, humans being threatened by such advanced AI, etc etc. I know I may be overreacting and that I’ve watched too many movies but you never know. You really NEVER KNOW.

Today was my week 28 ultrasound. In Korea, I think they do an ultrasound every time you visit the maternity clinic. They do the black and white version almost every time I go in, but today was the day for the 3D ultrasound. The one where I get to see Tyler’s face and hands.

It’s amazing how close they could get to the baby and come up with these images. I felt like I was seeing Josh and Andrea at the same time.

Everything is NORMAL. Even my blood glucose levels are NORMAL.

The baby is approximately 1.3 kgs and is the size of a 28-week old baby. However, Tyler is positioned kind of lower than where he should be so I have to go in two times a week now to make sure I won’t go into labor early or anything. I also have to make sure I don’t lift anything heavy and make sure I get good rest! That’s easy for anyone to say. Try living with two kids who drive you up the walls every two hours. Andrea wants me to hold her ALL THE TIME and Josh is well…. He’s just Josh.

See you again in two weeks Tyler!!!

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