Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

What a long day!

November 3, 2015


She’s tired, I’m tired, Josh is tired, we’re all tired. Because of her!!!

I’m trying to wean her off breastfeeding.

Especially during the night. She still gets up about 4 times during the night to latch on.

And I’m getting really tired of it. She was off the night feedings when she hit 4 months.

But when we went to Korea, her pattern totally changed and she started getting fussy at night.

Then when we came to Singapore…. Oh my.. for the first month, she would wake up about 6-7 times during the night and would only go back to bed latched on.

She’s been crying a lot (and I apologize to those who live in our tiny little condo cause all of our neighbors are probably not getting any sleep as well) but FOR HER and HER TEETH, I’m making her cry and go back to bed on her own.

This morning the sun was out and it was really nice. I guess all the haze craze is kind of out of our way now? hopefully?



So we played with bubbles on the balcony.





Josh loves it when I wave the bubble gun around like a wand and make the bubbles go everywhere. Literally EVERYWHERE, even in the house.







Andrea I guess didn’t have as much fun cause she was so tired.

She went and took a nap right after this.

Oh my..

I hope tonight will be better than last night.

Crossing my fingers and prayin to God desperately for this to be over soon.

Good night!!!!


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