Yishun, Singapore

Yishun, Singapore

December 12, 2012

December of 2012 through March 2014 our family lived in Yishun Singapore.


Ah… the MRT station of Yishun.

We started living  there when Josh was 6 months old.

My mother in law went with us for the first three weeks. To help us out. I think this was the day we went to Kinder Clinic at the Paragon in Orchard for Josh’s vaccinations.

P1050871 P1050872

Aw~ he looks so small~~~

(Now he’s so big)


I breast fed Josh until he was about a month and a half(?) ish~

and after that he was fed formula. This is my mother in law feeding him on a set of stairs…

P1050887 P1050897P1050895

Oh how I remember these MRT tickets.

You can reuse them again. But we ended up purchasing the hard cards that you can charge and use for a long time.


This is the ride back to Yishun I think.

Brings back memories~


Although I didn’t really enjoy life in Singapore until about 9 months later.

I think it’s a good chapter of our lives~

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