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Zara Kids (My Fav)

November 4, 2015

I looooove shopping for my kids.

It’s just one of those things that makes my day.

(I think SHOPPING itself probably makes anyone’s day).

My favorite place to shop for my kids is ZARA. I love the way they focus on details and the cuteness just is over the top!!

Today was a day for T-shirts. Josh has outgrown so many of them and I wanted to buy something he could wear at home and when we went out.

Something comfy but more in the middle of casual/dressy so that we can mix and match!

And I found the perfect shirt.




They were even on sale!!!! YAY!


I love the little details on these shirts !!! hehehehehehehhe

For Andrea, I bought a red shirt but it was from the boys section.


And a yellow shirt. SO CUTE!!!!



I wanted to get her a pair of denim shorts but they didn’t have any so we’re going to check out H&M this weekend.

Have a good night everyone!!!!!

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