Living in Seoul

It’s now been almost 3 years since we came back to Korea from Singapore. I never once complained about living here in Seoul or living with my in-laws. I always liked the idea of living together and everything just seemed to flow nicely.

Right now I am so homesick and want to get rid of this view it’s not even funny. I wish I could see more trees instead of buildings and I wish I could have this clear view of everything surrounding our home, all the time. I want to be able to step into a back yard and take a breath of fresh air and not have to worry about the dust levels outside. I want to be able to smell fresh cut grass and I also want to be able to go out and play with my kids.

I hope one day, one day in the near future, I’ll be able to go back home with my kids.


I have been homesick for quite a long time now. I haven’t been back home since.. I don’t even remember. I think it was when I gave birth to Andrea… Then right after we came to Korea we flew straight to Singapore. So probably 2015. Although my parents don’t live at this house anymore and


Visiting an Old Friend

Kaden has wanted to go and visit his friend in WonJu for a while. He’s been friends with him since middle school and ever since he moved to WonJu, Kaden would sometimes say “I miss ##, I wish I could go see him and just hang out. Or even just meet up for coffee or


Keeping my senses up to date

I have been a Brand Consultant for more than 10 years now but for the past year, I have just lived the life of an English Teacher. Not just your typical English teacher who teaches kids and adults but an English teacher who focuses on adults. Mainly teaching speech and communication in English. That could


Summer Vacation

Seems like it was just yesterday when the kids started school. Now it’s summer vacation and they are literally just fighting all day. I feel like I have to drink 5 cups of coffee to keep my metality stable. Thanks to the new Nespresso ice capsules I’m full of “coffee stock”! Hopefully this day will


First Year, First Grade, First Summer

Josh has grown up so much. It’s amazing how such a small human being can develop skills and manage to find ways of life. There are so many different things I want him to know and explore. And although it’s just an excuse, I always don’t have time to show him and take him out