My little baby

My little baby is not such a baby anymore…

It may seem like he’s still a little baby but the way he acts and TALKS makes it feel like he’s just fully grown. The difference in the level of communication skills with a third child is totally different than the first two. The speed that he absorbs LANGUAGE and the way he expresses his thoughts is just purely amazing. It amuses me to just watch him talk. I could do it all day and I wouldn’t be bored.

Just the other day I took out the camera and took some pictures of him. I knew already that I had missed quite a lot of his baby phase but I just wanted to capture this moment. Just him, with me, alone in our room. Hanging out and talking about how this train is so cheap and how it breaks so easily. Then I asked him if he liked sleeping the same room with Josh and Andrea.


Apple Airpods

I love it when Kaden just goes out and surprises me with a random gift. I also love it when the gift is something I really needed. Just like these apple airpods. I was thinking of getting them cause I knew I was the only person in this world who took out a long line



To this day, although it’s been almost a year since we’ve moved here. I still have trouble call this location home. I still have trouble calling this house home. Don’t get me wrong, I love our apartment and the complex. It’s so beautiful that it reminds me of Singapore sometimes and sometimes I am very


Walking a path set for me

I don’t know my path. I honestly don’t know what God has to offer for me in this life. I still don’t know and I am unsure of all the things that he might have planned for me. I do not know if the path and the road that I am walking right now is


Friends Forever

When you live abroad and all your friends are back at home (for me in Vancouver BC Canada) you go through many ups and downs that make you miss your friends. It’s times like this that help me get through life and it’s times like these that help me stand up again. As me, as