It’s a great place to dine if you’re craving some delicious pasta and flatbreads.


My friend and I met up at 7PM and had to wait for our table. Usually, they don’t have a long waiting time so you don’t really need a reservation unless its the weekend.


군고구마, 리코타 치즈 샐러드 (this one is a SPECIAL, they only sell a limited amount of this salad).


시금치 플랫브래드 (the best spinach flatbread I’ve had so far).


새우 로제 파스타 (this one had lots of shrimp in it which I really liked. Most places only give you 3 pieces of shrimp in their shrimp pasta).



안심스테이크 (the tenderloin steak, cooked to perfection).




After dinner, Kaden and his friend Jay joined us at TWOSOME PLACE (coffee shop) and we talked for a while before heading home.


내 베프와, 신랑의 베프. 이렇게 넷이 모인건 처음이지만 정말 즐겁고 재미있는 수다가 있어서 행복했던 시간.

(베프들은 이날 서로 처음 만났음, 사귀거나 그런 사이 아님 ㅋㅋㅋ)

다음에도 우리 또 만나요!!!