20160722 Friday – Road trip to Malaysia

Johor Bahru Malaysia 20160722-20160724

Our short little trip to Johor Bahru. It was so short I wished we stayed for one more day.


On our way to the border. We went by car and in the line up at the border, I think I saw the biggest motorcycle count in one place.

It really didn’t take us that long to get to the border or to cross it. The full trip from our house to the hotel was about 2 hours.

Our house to the border: 20 minutes

Border crossing: 1.5 hrs

From border to hotel: 15 minutes.


We stayed at the D Elegance Hotel. We were planning on staying at a different hotel when we saw a deal on booking.com

The full stay of two nights came to be less than $100 SGD. However, we soon realized why it was so inexpensive.


After checking in, we headed up to our room. Its more like a motel rather than a hotel.

It only has 3 levels and the guest rooms are located on level 2 and 3.

We had the two queen beds room. It was great for the kids cause they put the two beds together. This was safer for all of us  to sleep on the beds together.

However, the cleanliness of the hotel wasn’t so great.

The pillow sheets and covers smelled like the hadn’t been changed in a long time.

The little desk in the corner had lots of dust. The air conditioner also was very dusty. It was like they NEVER cleaned it.

The bathroom was the worst. There were flies flying around and it smelled really bad. There was scum, mold and mildew in every corner. The toilet flushing made the loudest sound possible.

The hotel is located on a big street so you hear the cars go by and really loud motorcycle noises allllll through the niiight.

I wouldn’t stay here again but one thing that I thought was GREAT was the nice staff. They were Super NICE.

However, if you wanted your room cleaned, you have to mention it EVERY TIME or else they won’t even come close to your room.