9:15 AM

My favorite time of day. 9:15 AM. It’s when the study room is bright and totally filled with the natural sunlight that comes in. I love natural light. I love how bright the whole room feels and I love how peaceful and calm the room looks.

Ever since I was young enough to know and accept my emotions, I loved lying on the grass and just having the sunlight lay with me. I loved just lying under the sun (not for a tan) and just relaxing in the sun. There’s a particular type of sunlight that I like the most. There’s two actually. I love the morning subtle sunlight that doesn’t come into the room with a bang but more like a “ease” into the room.

The second type that I absolutely love, is in late summer, just when it’s about to become fall. Just on the borderline of summer and fall. Around 4:45 PM is when it’s the most beautiful, subtle and rich yellow. I love that natural light so much, I wish I could hold onto it, all year long.

When I first moved into this house. I knew I wasn’t going to like living in a high rise. I’m more of a modern, minimal rancher kind of gal. Lots of white space and lots of natural light. I knew I wasn’t going to get any of that at this house. But, I also knew I would eventually find my way of making the best out of what I have. That’s why I made the decision of getting new book selves and getting white ones. I guess I was sick of not being me.

My room back home in Vancouver was all white and very light colored natural wood colors. Everything I owned was white or very light wood. I guess it was my way of finding myself in everything I owned and the furniture I had. I always started out with lots of white space and that kind of gave me some room to breathe. However, living in a city packed with people and a 3 bedroom house with 7 people in it. I felt stressed just looking at everything that was laid out in front of me. Slowly and one at a time, I am getting my groove and vibe back. I guess saving up to get the stuff I want and need, in the style that I want does make a big difference.