Visiting Grandma (YeoJu 여주)

It’s always really hard to make it to Yeo Ju (여주) and visit Kaden’s Grandma’s grave. We did, however, manage to go last weekend in time for her memorial. I still remember her smiling at me and telling me to come inside for some rice cakes and a cup of tea. She always gave me a cup of green tea, every time we went to see her. She was so petite and yet so beautiful.

We made a 1 hour and 20 minutes drive to Yeo Ju and visited grandma’s grave. We gave her flowers and told her how much we miss her. It wasn’t hard to think back to all the memories we had with her. It just came very naturally.

We also took a family photo at the cemetery.

Then we went to go visit Kaden’s grandpa (my father-in-laws father).

We also visited the apple tree farm that my father-in-law started last year. it’s not doing so well. I guess someone has to be on it 24/7 but since no one can be down there to take care of it, it’s not doing as well as we thought it would.

The kids had so much fun playing in the dirt and grass. I wish we could move back home to Langley and have them run around all day.