A Brand New Start

Since the update of my website’s database and PHP version, I’ve just been so busy with clients and working on consulting projects, I was not able to get my website back up and running again like I wanted to. There has been so much on my mind that everything has just been a big blur in my head. I wanted to create a list of things that needed to get done and just go down the list, one at a time.

The first thing was family. I have always been participating in a mom’s project called 52 portraits of my child. It’s a community of moms all over the world who take 1 picture one week of each child that they have and upload it onto their NAVER.com blog. My NAVER.com blog has nothing but this project pictures on it. But recently I’ve become a bit lazy with the uploads and have fallen back a bit. I haven’t been able to take as many pictures of the kids lately and it’s become more of an “I have to do” rather than “I want to do”. So I’ve started to leave the camera on my desk rather than in my camera bag so that I have it handy. So that I could take pictures of my children whenever I want, whenever I can.

Second is the kids’ photo book that I make every year. I take a minimum of 10 pictures for each month and create an album. I don’t print out pictures and put them in a photo album. I actually get a book made with the kids’ pictures from www.snaps.co.kr. I’m still behind on last year’s album. I still haven’t chosen all of the pictures and I really want to get it done before May but we’ll see what happens.

Lastly is to get my clients prioritized and wrap up projects. I’ve just been working and working on meeting with clients, consulting, giving advise and just basically doing more work than I should be doing for them that it’s overwhelming. Now, it’s time actually do paid work and stop volunteering.Hopefully, I can get everything done and listed out this week so that I can spend more time with the kids and especially this little munchkin. Tyler has grown up so much since I started working again that he knows and understands what everyone is saying now in Korean!

Now that I have my site back up and running I think I’ll get everything else done and prioritized before Wednesday of this week.

Peace out yal!