A small glimpse

So this is a view of the typical Korean-modernized A.K.A. new apartment living room view.

We got three of these cute little chairs for the kids and also put them in the living room. They play, eat and watch a bit of TV in these chairs during the day. However, they aren’t always in this spot. For watching TV, they bring the chairs onto the playmat and watch.








This, is our sofa. above the sofa is the projector.


Across from the sofa is the TV and the projection screen. Pretty cook for Kaden, a design No No for me.

When the screen is rolled up, it looks like this. Ah~ much better.





This is the master bedroom.

It’s pretty spacious and bright.

We have a queen-sized bed and the baby cot right beside it for Tyler. We also have a little balcony attached to the room which brings in a lot of natural light during the day. The master bedroom also has a “multi-room” attached to it, to the left with a bathroom. We use it as a closet room but some people use it as a small office.

The kids have a bunk-bed and we’ve put all their toys and stuff in the room as well.


The new condo is nice and the facilities are nice too. Nothing’s open yet but once it does, I think I’ll go around and take a tour, starting with the gym.