After Thanksgiving, Before Christmas

Designed by Valeria_aksakova

Okay, so my mom never did the whole Thanksgiving dinner back at home. We always had people over, but it was more like a buffet of Korean food and a turkey made by someone else. All the other food would be done by mom but the turkey was always brought by someone else. So when it comes to Thanksgiving, I never actually miss my moms’ turkey, I just miss the whole turkey placed on the table. The visual image of the turkey is what I miss.

I loved Thanksgiving. All the time. It was one of my favourite times of the year that I waited for. Of course, the first and very best time of the year is Christmas for me. I liked Christmas more than my birthday. It was cold and freezing to me (although the temperature was never really THAT cold) but I loved it. It was a time for celebration, for gatherings, for friends and family to get all cozy physically and mentally around the fireplace and just be warm.

That hard, the most difficult time of the year for me though is the time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving passing by and Christmas on its way. It’s like the time of the year where everything is so nice and warm and cozy and yet if Christmas makes its way over, the year is going to end soon.

It’s like the time of the year you have to plan for the next, the time you reminisce about the year you’re putting behind you. The time where you’re all excited for gifts and time with family but also the time you have to plan for the next big year ahead. Whether it’s just personally or for your workplace or for friends, it’s the time you look back AND forward.

It’s like a time of mixed feelings. A time of reflecting back but also making sure you don’t make the same mistakes. For me, right now, it’s a time for me to plan ahead for my kids (applying for Josh’s’ school and getting Andrea back into the same kindergarten). Then personally, I really want to get back on track and start working again so I have to do some research and see what I can get myself into.

It’s a very complicated time and I’m sure there are moms out there that feel the same.

And it’s in this time frame that I miss Helen (my dear best friend and unni) the most.