After the fall

After the whole accident we had with Andrea last weekend, I think everyone in our family has had a hard week. Well, the week isn’t over yet so let’s say we’re just having a tough time.

Ever since I got home on Sunday from Andrea getting treated at the clinic, my back has been aching so much. Right where it goes from my neck to the back of my shoulders. My neck feels like it’s getting stiff and my back is just aching constantly. I feel like I need to go in for a good massage or something but I’ve just been relying on a hot shower and that “kluck” or “kluk” thing that’s supposed to make your muscles feel better. I’m not sure if it’s helping but I guess I feel better than this morning or last night.

Maybe I should try a different pillow or something. I’m not sure but it sure does feel like my body is kind of messed up.

The Ballet fit class I had this morning didn’t really help with the pain. I think I felt more pain during class than before. I think it might have helped with the soreness of everything but I still feel like my body is stiff and aching.

Tomorrow is Zumba so maybe that will release my muscles and make it better.